Top 10 Web Hosting Companies (updated for 2018)

Are you looking for a reliable web hosting company for your site in 2018?

Are you confused by the similar looking plans and claims by web hosting companies?

Then you are in the right place.

I have compiled the list of top 10 web hosting companies after extensive research. Have a look!

(If you want detailed analysis read Review of top 10 web hosting companies)

I collected and analyzed data for popular web hosting companies. The data comes from websites that collect user feedback or do independent website performance testing.

I analyzed the data for quality of hosting, site uptime, site speed and quality of support. I calculated composite score for each company and ranked them based on this composite score. The following companies came out on top.

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Siteground - All Round Winner

Siteground is the top webhosting company if you are looking for shared web hosting. Whether you want to host a WordPress site or something else, Siteground should be your number 1 choice.

It ranks in top 3 for all important factors like site speed, site uptime, quality of hosting and support. Siteground now uses 100% SSD storage for faster response. They have also invested in enhanced performance with NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7 and free CDN.

Like most hosting companies, you get 1-click Install for WordPress and other popular software. You also get Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate.

The best part is their support. You have access to live chat and you can also create tickets if you don't have time for live chat. Either way, the response is quick. During my 3+ years with Siteground, the average response time for tickets is less than 2 hours. Their service staff is well trained and know their stuff so your issues are resolved quickly.

The only negative about Siteground is the cost. They are more expensive than most other hosting companies for shared hosting. They do offer a discounted first year plan but expect to pay full on renewal. There are no affiliate coupons or other discounts for renewals. So if you go with them, be prepared to pay full price from second year.

Despite the steep price, I prefer Siteground because of the overall quality. I guess you get what you pay for!

Bluehost - Value for Money

Bluehost is a value for money web hosting company. It's a favorite of many internet marketing pros like Pat Flynn.

It is the the best option when you are just starting online or when you don't need top of line performance. Bluehost consistently ranked in the middle of the pack in my analysis.

Bluehost automatically creates daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your entire account. You can easily restore your complete data with the click of a mouse. They use an enhanced version of cPanel with additional tools to to manage your websites, domains, emails and files.

With hosting plans starting at $3.95, web hosting cannot get more affordable than Bluehost.

I recommend Bluehost for starter websites because a offers a good combination of low price and decent performance.

WP Engine - Best for Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is a only offers manged WordPress hosting. They have some big name customers like Asana, AMD National Geographic and Reader's Digest.

WP Engine has invested a lot money in creating sophisticated infrastructure for faster and more reliable WordPress performance. Since they focus only on WordPress sites, they have developed deep expertise that is hard to copy for others.

WP Engine plans cost way more than regular shared hosting but if you want peace of mind, stability and performance, there is no better WordPress hosting company. It's a managed service which means they take care of everything about your site except building and maintaining it.

I recommend WP Engine if you need help managing the site or if  the site is complex requiring more sophisticated infrastructure.

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Download the Free Web Host Selector Tool. Just prioritize your needs like price and performance. The tool will show you the best web hosting company for your needs.

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Web Hosting Hub - Great Hosting at Affordable Price

Web Hosting Hub is one of those companies that don't get enough credit for the quality of product.

It has great customer support, next only to Siteground and an excellent hosting service. Both quality of customer support and hosting service have been consistent over the last 5 years so you can expect a dependable service.

With every shared hosting plan, you get free domain name. Even the starter plan has unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and Email. You get free SSDs for storage, 1-click install and an industry leading 90-day money back guarantee.

With so much on offer, you would expect a much higher price than the $4.99/mo starter price that Web Hosting Hub is offering.

Overall, Web Hosting Hub is an excellent value if you are willing to spend a couple of bucks more per month compared to the cheaper hosting companies.

Inmotion Hosting - Good Host But A Tad Expensive

Inmotion hosting is almost there in terms of quality but the price lets it down a little bit.

Web Hosting Hub beats Inmotion in overall service and support, but just about. Inmotion does a great job with both but comes third after Siteground and Web Hosting Hub. To make things a little worse, Inmotion price for the starter plan is $5.99/mo, only a buck more than Web Hosting Hub.

But why would you pay a buck extra for a service that is practically similar to the cheaper alternative? That's the problem with Inmotion.

It offers the usual for a top of the line hosting company - 1-click install, cPanel management, free domain, free SSD, 90-day money back guarantee and free backups. But no extras to make up for the higher price or slightly inferior quality of hosting and support.


Arvixe - Slow Loading Sites with Improved Support

Arvixe has shown the most improvement in customer support over the last three years. But it is still a laggard when it comes to speed and uptime making it a no go for me.

Normally, I love a company which has good customer support. But in this case, I have to differ. There is just not enough in there in terms of quality of hosting service for me to recommend them.

Hostgator - Poor Service and Support But Low Price

Hostgator is a big name in web hosting. It started off as a pretty decent hosting company but over the years, it has droped the ball on both quality of hosting and customer support.

Web hosting has become a competitive business. Most hosting companies focus on low prices to attract bargain hunters. Hostgator also allows its affiliates to create customized discounts that comes out from the affiliate fee. The coupons have caused the first year hosting prices to drop even further for the customer.

But low prices are only one part of the equation, the other being quality of web hosting and support. With one of the lowest prices, Hostgator compromises on hosting quality and customer support. Both quality and support have deteriorated over the years as the business has expanded.

Go for Hostgator if price is the only consideration.

iPage - Consistent, Middle of the Pack Hosting

iPage is another good hosting company that ranks in the middle of the pack for both support and quality of hosting.

They do have an introductory offer of $2.75/mo but you will need to pay full price on renewal ($5.98). With iPage hosting, you will get a free domain, unlimited disk space and email and Ad credits from Google & Bing. You also get one toll free number in the US.

Overall, a decent choice if you don't want to pay the premium price that Siteground charges.


FatCow - Another Middle of The Pack Hosting Company

FatCow has been very consistent over the last 4 years for both quality of hosting services and customer support. But being consistent average performer isn't something great.

You are better off going with the leaders if you want quality hosting, even if you need to pay couple of bucks extra per month. If money is the decider, go with Bluehost or one of the other cheaper hosts.

While overall, FatCow did not do too bad, slow page loads are a  big concern. With page speed becoming ever more important for SEO and user experience, if you are serious about building an online business, you should give FatCow a pass.

DreamHost - Stay Away

Dreamhost started off as a top of the line hosting company. They were great to begin with - fast servers, reliable hosting and good support. But they dropped the ball on everything once growth kicked in.

Another negative for Dreamhost is that they don't have the standard cPanel. They have their own interface for managing your hosting and it sucks.

Their support is really bad - you will be lucky yo hear back from them in a day. Imagine waiting for a day to hear back from support if your site, and business, is down! And it will go down very often if you host it with DreamHost.

My advice - stay away.


GoDaddy - Book Domain, Don't Host

GoDaddy is great for buying domains. I use them to buy all my domains. But hosting? Nah!

They are cheap, and that's about it as far as hosting is concerned. Their uptime is pathetic, servers are slow and they are more interested in selling you more services than running your site.

Don't get sucked into buying hosting from them despite the heavy promotion. Buy your domain and point the Name Servers to your hosting company. You will be very happy.


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Download the Free Web Host Selector Tool. Just prioritize your needs like price and performance. The tool will show you the best web hosting company for your needs.

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